Provincie Zeeland

Provincie Zeeland


Welcome to Zeeland, a captivating province in the southwestern part of the Netherlands. Renowned for its stunning coastline, picturesque landscapes, and rich maritime history, Zeeland offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors from around the world. With its countless islands, charming towns, and vibrant cities, Zeeland is a true gem waiting to be explored. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the North Sea beaches, where you can stroll along pristine sands and breathe in the refreshing sea air. Discover the historic charm of cities like Middelburg, with its impressive Gothic architecture and quaint streets. Explore the vibrant port city of Vlissingen, where you can admire the bustling harbor and enjoy panoramic views of the sea. Don't miss the iconic Delta Works, a marvel of engineering that protects the province from the forces of the sea. Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures, cultural discoveries, or simply a peaceful retreat, Zeeland offers a wealth of attractions and experiences that will leave you enchanted. Embark on a journey through Zeeland and uncover its treasures, where land and water embrace to create a truly unforgettable destination.

Points of Interest:

  1. Middelburg: Immerse yourself in the historic ambiance of this charming city, known for its beautiful canals, impressive abbey, and grand Markt square.
  2. Vlissingen: Explore the maritime heritage of this vibrant port city, visit the impressive seafront boulevard, and enjoy panoramic views from the famous "Windorgel."
  3. Delta Works: Discover the engineering marvels of the Delta Works, a network of dams, barriers, and storm surge barriers that protect Zeeland from flooding.
  4. Zierikzee: Wander through the narrow streets of this picturesque town, admire its medieval architecture, and visit the iconic Sint-Lievensmonstertoren.
  5. Domburg: Indulge in relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Domburg, known for its wellness centers and artistic heritage.
  6. Neeltje Jans: Visit this educational and interactive center to learn about the Delta Works, marine life, and the forces of nature that shape Zeeland's landscape.
  7. Veere: Step back in time in this historic town, stroll along the harbor, and explore the charming streets lined with traditional Dutch buildings.
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