Introduction - Who we are!

WBM-Worldproducts is a tradingname of  Wilbert Trading BV.

We started in 1998 with the sale of used intermodal (shipping) containers, re-utilizing these as much as possible. In addition, we were increasingly asked to deliver new containers, and nowadays we are still active in this field. All added values, such as roadhaulage and international shipping are arranged by us.

More information about our containerbusiness:

We are a family business, WBM stands for Wilma, Bert and Michael, with father Bert and son Michael taking care of the daily business.

A good service to our customers is of paramount importance to us,

Bert Mastenbroek

Michael Mastenbroek


 Product safety and usage.

We consider it important that the products in our range are of sound and good quality. This means that we usually test and use all the products we offer ourselves before we include them in the webshops' assortment. We deliver these products from our office in Maassluis.

If we are not satisfied with a product, it will not make it to the webshop.

However, if we deliver directly from our suppliers abroad, we do not always have the opportunity to test the product. We do include the products because they seem to us to be convenient to use.

If the products are accompanied by test certificates from the manufacturer, we also indicate this where possible.
These certificates confirm that the products have been tested by an independent inspection body, and safe to use.