Shipping and delivery

Please allow 1-2 days for your order to be processed for shipment. We make every effort to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.

We have 2 sections in this webshop, and each section has a different policy for shipping the items. Underneath each product you will see from which store the product is shipped from.

The articles ordered in the Direct Delivery section will be delivered directly to you by the supplier. We order the items worldwide, and include the shipping costs in the sales price. Because all suppliers have their own shipping arrangements, there is a big difference in delivery times. We are indicating shippingtimes at each productdescription as follows;

 Delivery approximately 10 days
 Delivery approximately 20 days
 Delivery between 30 and 50 days

 Above mentioned deliverytimes are indicative, and deviation of these deliverytimes are possible.

However, we try to deliver the products as soon as possible.

Due to change of dutch law as of July 1st, 2021, All products with a value over Euro. 150.00 entering the EU from non-EU countries are to be customcleared. The customclearance is done by the courierservice, and they could charge Customs clearance charges and Importduties. WBM-Supershop has no influence on these additional charges, and cannot intervene.

The articles that are ordered in the section Webshop Maassluis, are delivered from stock from our webshop in Maassluis the Netherlands.

 Delivery time ± 1 - 2 days - The Netherlands

 Delivery time ± 2 - 3 days - Belgium

Within the Netherlands the articles, if the total order amount is above Euro. 25.00, are shipped for FREE.
Below Euro. 25.00 you will see a choice to the courier of your choice to choose.

To Belgium, the articles, if the total order amount is above Euro. 35.00, are shipped for FREE.
Below Euro. 35.00 you will see a possibility to choose the courier of your choice.

SPOD - Special Print-On-Demand
The items ordered in the Print-On-Demand section are delivered by various suppliers all over the world. Since each supplier has his/her own shipping prices, we cannot include them in the sales price, and they are indicated separately when ordering. The delivery time of the articles depends on the location where the products are provided with the design. From Europe you should count on a delivery time of about 6 working days, from the USA you should count on a delivery time of about 10 working days.