Air quality meter CO2 / HCHO / TVOC

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Curious about the air quality in your home, office, classroom or any other room?

Then this is an excellent tool for measuring air quality. Where the old models have 3 measuring functions, our newest model has 5! An even more complete measurement of air quality.

The CO2 meter indicates the following 5 values: Temperature, humidity, CO2, HCHO and TVOC. To make measuring even easier, we have fitted the CO2 meter with a quality bar. If it turns green the air quality is good, if it turns another colour you know that the air quality could be better. If the colour bar turns red, the device will also emit a sound signal. In that case, ventilate the room immediately.

5 in 1 CO2 meter

The CO2 meter gives a complete overview of the air quality and measures 5 values.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Formaldehyde (HCHO)
Volatile substances (TVOC)

Why a CO2 meter for indoors?

When CO2 levels are high in certain rooms, this means that the brain is getting less oxygen than it should. Sufficiently clean air is important for optimal performance and to prevent health complaints! Our CO2 meter's clear display shows how high the CO2 content is in the room, allowing you to take early action.

This smart meter is designed to make your lifestyle healthier. The new sensor accurately measures CO2 content, humidity and temperature, HCHO and TVOC. The clear colours on the LCD screen allow you to see at a glance when you need to air. Forgotten to look? No worries, the intelligent alarm reminds you when your living environment is unhealthy. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around and measure multiple rooms such as your living room or bedroom, car or workplace.

The benefits at a glance

Guarantees a healthy indoor climate
Accurate measurements (5 in 1 CO2 meter)
Warns both visually and audibly of unhealthy air quality
Portable and rechargeable
Measures air quality, temperature and humidity
Clear display
Long battery life
Suitable for any indoor area

How does it work?

Press and hold the on/off button and the device will immediately start measuring. The measurements are Real-Time; this means that the values are immediately adjusted when the air quality changes.

If the meter is green, it means that the air quality is good. If it is not, it means that you should take some time out to air until it turns green again.

<800ppm - good
>800ppm - reasonable
>1200ppm - Moderate
>1500ppm - Bad
>2000ppm - Dangerous

Package Contents
1x 5 in 1 CO2 meter
1x Charging cable
1x User manual

Warranty Information
We stand behind our products completely and, as a token of this confidence, we offer you a warranty period of 1 year. If within this 12-month period problems arise from normal use of the product, we will gladly replace your product.

Place the CO2 meter in your shopping cart and easily monitor the air quality of any indoor environment!

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