A Product explained! ..... Yoga Resistance Bandsets

Un produit expliqué ! ..... Ensembles de bandes de résistance pour le yoga

What are resistance bands?

While the different types of resistance bands can leave you confused, they all fall under the same category. They do have slightly different uses, but we can describe them holistically to make things a little easier!

So, what are resistance bands?

Resistance bands are literally ‘bands’ that are either flat or tubular in shape. Originally, their sole use was as a rehabilitation method for patients wanting to get back to exercise post-injury.

They were first used in physiotherapy sessions during the 1990s but only took off as a piece of mainstream exercise equipment in recent years. We’d be surprised if you haven’t already seen them being used at your local gym or on Instagram!

The benefits of resistance bands are what caused this spike in popularity, but we’ll get to that later on in this article.

They are mainly used either in place of or to complement resistance training involving heavy weights. Their portability helps their case, and the fact that they come in different pre-set tensions/resistance levels (which is something to look out for when buying).

Typically, the lighter the colour the lighter the resistance, and vice versa.

Many people don’t know this, but most of the exercises that are executed using free weights can also be done with resistance bands. 


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